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Feb 23, 2018

J.P. Laqueur – Brand Foundations

“Find The Sacred Cow, and Change It.”

As co-founder of Brand Foundations, JP Laqueur is determined to help corporations nix their mission, vision and value statements. He helps companies with their culture and encourages them to share their key differentiators through memorable...

Feb 16, 2018

Karen Yankovich – Up Level Media

“Don’t Limit Yourself”

Karen Yankovich, is a digital strategist, and founder of Up Level Media. She recognizes the importance of social connections for businesses in our evolving world. Karen is teaching and encouraging her clients to take social media marketing to a new and more...

Feb 9, 2018

Jane Och – Guac-Lock

“No One Knows About Your Product Like You Do!”

Jane Och, co-inventor of Guac-Lock, is a mom on a mission who solved a major party problem: brown guacamole. After some relentless brainstorming, and prototype testing, Jane developed a patent-pending plastic storage system that would keep her...

Feb 2, 2018

Sarah Dusek – UnderCanvas

“Our Biggest Obstacles are our Greatest Opportunities”

Sarah Dusek, founder of UnderCanvas, is making camping glamorous. Learn how Sarah is conquering the eco-tourism industry to make camping accessible, sustainable, and memorable for people of all ages. Sarah draws from her experience...