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Aug 25, 2017

Anya Burgess – Sola Violins

“Turning a Passion for Strings into a Storefront” 

Anya Burgess, founder of Sola Violins, is a talented luthier and a passionate violinist. Listen to Anya’s story as she is faced with the challenge of turning a home-based business into a thriving storefront in the heart of Lafayette,...

Aug 18, 2017

Martha Bernal – Wet Nose University

“If You Don’t Move, You Don’t Eat”

Martha Bernal, founder of Wet Nose University and a successful corporate product manager, has turned her passion for dog training into an entrepreneurial venture. In this episode, Martha discusses the similarities between entrepreneurship...

Aug 11, 2017

Mark Ethier – iZotope

“Be Bold and Listen To Your Customers”

Mark Ethier, founder of iZotope, an award-winning audio technology company, shares his journey during the burst of the dot com bubble. With a passion for both music and computer science, Mark and his co-founders were able to stay in constant touch with...

Aug 4, 2017

Daniel Webster Clark – RompHim

“The Secret Sauce to Going Viral”

Be sure to listen as Daniel Webster-Clark shares his story of going viral upon introducing the hottest new fashion statement: the male romper. The RompHim was designed by a gaggle of business students, and went from being an extra-credit project to...