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Jun 1, 2018

Robert Harbauer – Bondic

“Create Incredible Customer Service”

Robert Harbauer has a tradition of visiting local hardware stores while traveling abroad. In his travels to Germany, Robert came across Bondic, a product that he became instantly passionate about. Tune in to this week’s episode as Robert shares his competitive journey of selling a household tool in big box retail, and how he conquered it all by putting the customer first.

Whether you’re a product manager in an established company or an aspiring business owner with an idea for a new product business, Making It Real will provide you with real tools and advice on how to be a successful product entrepreneur!

Hosted by Bob Caporale and Tate Tegtmeier

Original Music by Bob Caporale

Note: No endorsement of any product or service featured on Making It Real is either expressed or implied by its hosts or producers.