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Oct 6, 2017

Craig Lewis – Gig Wage

“Fail Faster and Get Better” 

Craig Lewis, founder of Gig Wage, shares his urgency to help small businesses with their payroll. While pivoting from a full-service company, to the niche of managing independent contractors, Craig shares his passion for payroll, and his urgency to help small businesses succeed. Listen as Craig openly shares his entrepreneurial success, struggles and pivots that drive him to dream bigger, fail faster, and get better.

Whether you’re a product manager in an established company or an aspiring business owner with an idea for a new product business, Making It Real will provide you with real tools and advice on how to be a successful product entrepreneur!

Hosted by Bob Caporale and Tate Tegtmeier

Original Music by Bob Caporale

Note: No endorsement of any product or service featured on Making It Real is either expressed or implied by its hosts or producers.